How Successful Sales Teams Use Content Curation

What is curated content?

  • Content aggregation: A stage where you find sources that are relevant to your topic and audience.
  • Content selection: A process of selecting the best content from chosen sources.
  • Contextualization: Putting selected content into context and adding your own value to it. For example by sharing, commenting or rating it.

What are the advantages of using curated content in sales?

1. Building trust with your audience

2. Sharing valuable information

3. Saving your time and money

4. Building authority of your brand in the niche

5. Growing your network

6. Supporting lead nurturing

How to identify if the content is worthy for your audience

What criteria you can use to test the value of your content

  • Relevant — The best way to have relevant curated content is to understand what your audience wants. Engage them and study their point of view. See what type of content they’d like to read.
  • Unique — Offer a unique commentary or viewpoints when sharing relevant curated content. It will keep the audience satisfied. In return, they will trust you and keep coming back to your site and social media channels.
  • Diverse — Curated content offers different viewpoints and diverse voices. This will keep your audience both interested and curious to find out more about your own business.
  • Credible — Curating content from authoritative and trusted sources means that you are also becoming a credible source to your audience. Therefore, they can count on you when searching for quality information.

How Successful Sales Teams Use Content Curation

1. Content as an ultimate lead nurturing tool

2. Carefully crafted content based on the buying stage

3. Identifying potential prospects through content interactions

4. Using the right content curation tools

5. Content is a key to strengthening your social selling




Freelance journalist based in Skopje, Macedonia. Contributor for @ZDNet and @ForeignPolicy

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